About Us

Jeff Martin, inventor and founder of CJEDDS LLC.

Jeff Martin, inventor and founder of CJEDDS LLC.

Mad Scientist?

I’m Jeff Martin, and I love to invent stuff!

In the classic American tradition of great inventors all through our history, I go into my garage and tinker on my inventions.

I especially like to find ways to make working around the yard and garden a little easier. If you’ve got to do the work, you should make it as easy as possible right?

So I’ve started a company to manufacture and sell some of my ideas. I hope you’ll find them useful.

Tomato Spring

I needed some supports for my tomato plants. The local stores all had those flimsy little tomato cages. They’re not very good, so I figured I could come up with something better. The result is the Tomato Spring.

I showed them to some friends. They like them. I’ve been making them to sell locally, and every gardener I know that sees them wants some for their garden.

I hope you do too.

Every Tomato Spring is handmade right here in our home shop.

The Tomato Spring family.

Building Tomato Springs is a family affair.

It’s a family affair. Building Tomato Springs has become a nice little part-time job for my son.

I hope we can make this more automated someday, but that will require a large investment. If they sell well enough I hope the expand our production soon.

But don’t worry, we’ll never become too big to remember the importance of making a high quality product.

Wheelbarrow Bully

One of my other inventions is my device for making your wheelbarrow easier and safer to use. You can find out all about it at our Wheelbarrow Bully website.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope to serve you soon.